We've already redesigned several other sites and are getting great reviews for their look and functionality! They are also independent of the state party's server, previously we could not do certain things because of software limitations. We are able to do pretty much anything you can think of -- polls, video, calendars (Using GCalendar), hierarcy of contributors, and of course accessing/adding data from anywhere in the world. No more depending on just one person/computer to upload the data.

And YOUR BPOU can have it this same system too.

We are offering our services to any BPOU who would like a site overhaul. The template provided will create a unified look between our sites -- and still allow for individual freedom for each BPOU (Their own custom Senate District logo, messaging and links). The BPOU controls access by one or multiple administrators and contributors with varying levels of authority.

We want to help all BPOUs to look clean and function well because getting the message out is critical.

We charge a reasonable initial fee to setup your and get you started. With this payment, you'll get hosting, set up, instruction, your BPOU's individualized logo -- the works. And the site is ready to go. All we ask from you is someone or some team at your BPOU responsible for any new content, adding any local race candidates profiles and links, new articles and editing your calendar, etc.

Contact us if you're interested!


Prepared and paid for by the BPOU Builders. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.